Influencer marketing is now the talk of the town. As people’s trust in brands is waning, they are becoming more and more dependent on recommendations from other sources they trust. Those sources can be a peer, a family member, a friend, or someone else they trust for reliable information.

Those people are called influencers, and they have the ability to influence the buying decisions of others with their honest opinions.

Content marketing is one part of influencer marketing, which may also include social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques.

Influencers create authentic and high quality content to reach out to and engage with their audiences. But that content is not directly controlled by brands. Brands are now relying on influencer content to boost their content marketing strategies. Thus, influencer marketing has provided a fresh, new push to content marketing. 80% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say it works just as well (if not better) than other marketing channels. 71% of marketers say the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources.

Here are a few reasons why influencer marketing is the future and is going to save brands-

#1. They are the Best Content Marketers

Many influencers agree to work with a brand only when they develop a genuine appreciation for it and its products. Influencers do not directly advertise a product. They merely create brand awareness and promote products that they like through their content. But since they are honest about their sponsored content, people trust them more.

#2. They are Trustworthy

Influencers are highly trusted individuals. This enables them to have a much stronger influence on their followers than any other form of internet marketing. Consumers are willing to listen to these individuals, and even base their buying decisions on their recommendations.

Therefore, brands can effectively reach out to a relevant audience by collaborating with influencers in their industries.

#3. They Enable Brands to Reach Consumers Who Crave Authenticity

Consumers are growing tired of the advertisements that bombard them wherever they go. People are now looking for honesty and authenticity. That’s why they trust influencers, since they are transparent, and are true to their followers.

This helps brands engage with their target audiences better. The influencers promote the brands to their audience through different types of content. This includes honest reviews about their products, video tutorials, DIY blog posts, etc.

#4. They Offer Value and a Higher Level of Engagement

Influencers offer value to their audience, and that’s why their followers like to view and share their content. They have their own creative method of content creation, which differs from one influencer to another.

The audience can relate to this content, as it comes from another consumer rather than directly from the brand itself, or an ad agency. And if they learn something useful from it, they will most likely share it with others too. This will increase the reach of both the influencer and also the brand they are collaborating with.

#5. They Drive Traffic

Influencer marketing helps to drive traffic to a brand’s website through a number of methods. A few of these methods include:

  • Link building
  • Improving its social signals
  • Contributing guest posts to the brand’s websites
  • Allowing brands to submit guest posts to their websites

This helps brands to increase their website traffic and also improve sales.

#6. They Are Less Inexpensive

If brands want to, they can keep their influencer marketing budget low. While there are big influencers who charge very high rates, there are smaller influencers as well, and they are typically quite affordable.

These micro-influencers charge much less for a post compared to the bigger influencers. So if you cannot afford a celebrity, you can still launch an influencer marketing campaign with the help of micro-influencers.

They also have a higher engagement rate than the big influencers because of their smaller number of followers. And brands are currently focusing more on engagement than reach. This is because a highly connected audience has a greater chance of converting into loyal customers.


There’s a strong connection between influencer marketing and content marketing. After all, it is only through creating high quality content that influencers reach out to and engage with their audience. If they weren’t creating something of value and authenticity, they wouldn’t be influencers in the first place.

If brands want their influencer marketing to be successful, they should allow their influencers creative freedom when they create content. This will maintain authenticity and also the quality of the content, and set them apart from everyone else.